Spring is right around the corner, and we’re about to get the itch to do some spring cleaning. However, as soon as we get those bins out to put winter clothes in storage, some of that motivation fades. Here are some of my favorite spring cleaning tips to help you keep that motivation and have a closet full of clothing that you love.

Get Rid of Clothes You Don’t Wear

Instead of storing clothes, it’s time to let go! If you don’t wear it, it’s time to say goodbye. Clothes that sit unworn season after season just fill space in your closet that could be filled with clothing that sparks joy.

Doesn’t fit right? Not your style anymore? Damaged, but you know you can fix it? Time to get rid of it! But how can you figure out what you don’t actually wear?

Figure Out What You Don’t Wear

Here’s one of the best tips that I have heard to help figure out what you don’t wear: turn your hangers backwards in your closet, and turn them around when you do wear the item.

This will help show you clearly what it is that you do and don’t actually wear. Most people keep clothing they don’t wear or even like.

Reach far into the back of your closet, past the things you would grab

Donate Unworn Clothing

If your clothing is still in good shape, donate it. Instead of tossing it, there are so many places where you can make a difference with your clothing.

Organizations such as Dress for Success help give at-risk women gently used or new professional clothing. You can find a local chapter on the Dress for Success website.

Buy Clothing You Love

One of the best things that you can do is buy clothing that you actually love! Instead of feeling ho-hum when it comes to getting dressed every day, you’ll love styling yourself when you have clothing that fits you well and makes you feel good.

Our bodies are unique and change, so don’t be afraid to buy new clothes for the new seasons. What fit you and made you feel good last year may not do the trick for you this year.

Light Up Your Closet

Is your closet dark and dreary? Install some lighting in there! When you can see your clothing, you will be able to style yourself better.

The simple act of installing some lighting will help you be able to enjoy dressing yourself, and helping you see everything in your closet, so you’ll wear it more often.

Invest in Wardrobe Basics

When you have some simple basics in your closet, you’ll be able to reach right in and grab something that will go with everything! Make sure that these basic items are right within reach.

Here are a few basics you should grab:

  • Black slacks
  • Well-fitting pair of jeans (check out the Judy Blue Jeans – they are amazing!)
  • Solid shirts
  • Blazer

Sort Before You Store Clothing

Do you pack away off-season clothing? Make sure that you sort through it before you pack any of it away. If you wait until the next season, you’re less likely to go through it and get rid of stuff.

At the end of the season, you know what you wore and didn’t wear – if you didn’t wear it, get rid of it!

What are your best spring cleaning tips? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. If you’re thinking that it’s time to grab some new items for your wardrobe, check out my website.

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